Ultimate Guide for Your Digital Marketing During COVID-19

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Digital Marketing During Covid-19

What is Digital Marketing?


The number of people using the Internet in the world is constantly increasing. Everyone is trying to become computer-savvy or net-savvy with every possible electronic gadget they can access. Thanks to Coronavirus pandemic even older people have tried to learn how to meet their needs using the Internet. That is, they are beginning to shop online and avoid being physically present in the shopping centers. As can be seen, offline marketing is not as effective as it used to be anymore.


Digital marketing has paved the way for many people around the world to find the product they need and at a reasonable price they have in mind. It contains any means of digital channels be it websites, social media, and emails. It is actually a means of sending a promotional message to customers or clients.


Now let’s get down to business by knowing how to improve digital marketing in this time of coronavirus pandemic. In this part of the article, you will be acquainted with some ways of recovering your digital marketing.


If you know some of the strategies in digital marketing you can achieve the targeted revenue you had in mind and your company will be more in black than red this year and for the years to come. All you need to do is to take the chance and don’t miss the boat when it comes to difficult and fearful times to save your business. Remember not to get cold feet as cancellation of orders or decrease in the number of orders is just temporary and it is through the tactics of digital marketing that things start to get on its track and sales will go up through the roof!


To get the most out of these strategies and tactics first you need to know the reaction of people during the COVID-19 pandemic. As most people are advised to stay at home, demand for food and household items has dramatically soared. Therefore, the number of visiting the different platforms and the time spent in them has noticeably risen. Among all online platforms, social media is on top.


Now that you found out the best platform it is time to think of promoting your service or product based on some disciplines that must be followed. That is, you should highly consider your content, context, and tone to express that your business is preferable over the competitors. 


The interaction you have with the buyers is significantly important. What you should achieve here is the amount to which the buyers trust you and value your brand. You should sympathize with them! For example, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, some well-known language schools announced that for the safety of their students and also teachers they were going to cancel their classes. Months later the realized that they cannot hold the classes anytime soon, so they started to continue the course online and notified all the students that the tuition they paid was not going to be wasted. This is called brand equity, caring for your clients or customers’ money and worth. Following are some pointers:


It is extremely important to keep in touch with customers and clients especially in this time of COVID-19 so that your business revives and it will get promoted through the word of mouth. 

Therefore, they ought to be informed all the times about the updates from your business such as when it will reopen.


Show them in social media that you have considered their protection against COVID-19. Record some footage and explain all the actions you are taking to do so. This, in turn, outstands your brand from competitors.


To make things more clear and avoid ambiguity, it would be better to hold a video conference such as Instagram live or zoom to clarify anything that the buyers interrogate. Save the video so as all other followers won’t miss out on an opportunity or a possible discount offer. This is the best time for e-commerce as most services can be done online and products can be seen and selected on your website. 


Creat contents in a way that it is continuous and trigger your viewers to read your message. Be creative with the information you share, avoid boring materials, and arouse the buyers for more hits. In addition, since your customers or clients’ demands are changing especially during this COVID-19 pandemic you should be forearmed as to never miss updates and keep in touch with them. However, beware that these changes may not lead to instant and rapid clicks for buying, nevertheless; rest assured that the prospect of a bump in sale is guaranteed with your following-up.


This is your chance to not only survive during the Covid-19 pandemic but also to revive your strength and be back in business more famous than before. 


What digital marketing services help your business?


Many of your business goals and advantages can be reached using digital marketing services. Here are a few of these benefits:


  • Growth in business even with limited budgets and better competition. 

  • Finding real buyers with interest in your products or services (B2C)

  • Discovering potential targeted business 

  • Global engagement of your brand and expansion beyond the local sale 

  • Tracing, measuring and identifying the hits

  • Saving time and budget posting and editing in advertising campaigns

  • Better means of communication with customers and end-users

  • The viral spread of ads through forwarding by audiences 


Now, depending on your type of business and goal, you should look for those which match your purpose.


Business Analysis


Not all accessible marketing strategies suit your company. Analysis of your business helps find the best strategy:


  • Where your target market is 

  • How to compete with the benefits of available product

  • The amount to which your brand is popular by thoroughly examining the consumers’ characteristics and behavior

  • Integration of selected digital marketing strategies to get the most out it

More than half of the consumers compare different websites or social media in order to get convinced both financially and psychologically and be attracted to a brand.


Web Designing 


The main platform where consumers can interact with you is your website be it for B2B or B2C.

Optimization of this platform or brand can be achieved by:


  • Attracting current or potential consumers when seeing attractive designs of your website

  • Making navigation through it easy

  • Offering search bar and user-friendly design

  • Providing suitable SEO for landing pages to optimize the sale


No matter it is Joomla, WordPress, or native coded website, it can have the back of your  combination of digital marketing strategy.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Search Engine Optimization is the primary way you can be seen on the first page of search engines whether there is an organic search or paid search. If it is customized efficiently, you will get a ranking in the search engines. Following is the procedure:


-auditing the standards that are in compliance with your guidelines and policy.

– selecting the best keyword portfolio such as local search

– improving on-page blog post

-tracking the behavior of your website audiences

– putting your website address to local and global directories

– optimizing referral traffic


Social Media Marketing 


Almost all people nowadays spend their time on social media and during this pandemic it has even soared. By putting promotional packages in a variety of channels consumers’ awareness will be raised. Content, ads, or communication? You should consider all when it comes to social media to build a reputation.


Digital Promotional Strategies


Advertising agencies can outline, create, and manage the content for your advertisements. However, there are three main ways you can rely on to reach your targeted consumers 1. PPC( Pay Per Click) 2. CPM ( Cost Per Impressions) 3. CPA (Cost Per Acquisition). Alternative ads solutions are as follows:


-Google search engine ads

-posting your ads in popular and highly-used apps such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, or LinkedIn


These can be achieved with a limited budget and more importantly instantly.


Content Marketing 


Looking for conversion? You can have it up to six times as efficient as other types of strategies. Consumers will gain trust in you when they see that they can have as much information as possible even they engage in sharing your materials with potential buyers.


Therefore, this is the main part that should not ever be neglected. Following are ways you can get more acquainted with the idea of content marketing:


  • Articles

  • Posts on social media platforms

  • Pictures, graphic designs, and graphic videos such as information-based or ad-based 

  • Optimization of conversion in website content

E-mail Marketing


Eager to boost ROI up to 4 times and more? Customize emails besides other digital marketing strategies. Share your updates, contents, discounts with attention-grabbing titles and contents in your email. This is a proven way of maintaining a long-lasting relationship with your costumers.  Guide them to every possible way and clarify any ambiguous points. Keep in touch with them!


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