Keyword Density Checker Tool

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How to use keyword density tool

Our tool gives you the density of all keywords that is used in your article. In the URL section, you can measure the keyword density of any url you like. Also, you can measure your Google document keyword density by simply pasting it there. This feature is very helpful especially for professional article writers and bloggers to know if your article is optimized before publishing it. The important point about Google document url is that you must insert the shareable link. You can easily go to share and find the setting and change it to "Anyone with the link". After that, you can copy that url and paste it in the URL section.

If you are looking for a specific keyword or keyphrase density you can type it in the focus keyword field. Please try not to over optimize your focus keyword (over 3%) because you might get penalized by Google for keyword stuffing! Under optimizing happens when your keyword density is lower than 1%. Therefore, It is recommended to keep the keyword density between 1 to 3 percent to get the best result.

Also, our tool gives you an overview about your keyword distribution as well as the keyword density. You should have your focus keyword/phrase in the Title, subheadings (one or more), and of course body of your article.

Please send your feedback to info at Your opinion is very important to us and will help us to improve our tool features for you.